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Well, I’ve left a comment directly on his Youtube channel to contact me to no avail.

So, I had a sneaky suspicion that he might be in the Wealthy Affiliate network. I looked him up on the Wealthy Affiliate network and messaged him directly. However, I still have not heard from the creator at this point.

It’s still early, I will give him more time to contact me directly.

The Creators’ Selling Platform for Affiliates?

Well the selling platform that the creators have chosen, I’ve done a review on already. The Ugly Truth About ClickBank reveals how this company treats creators & authors. I would need to directly speak to the creators to find out if their software is 100% complete and not modified. It’s supposed to be software.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a malware code embedded in anything that I create. I don’t even want any adware embedded in anything that I create. I use ads on my blogs, but they are not pop-up ads that just become so darn annoying that you want to just toss your computer out a skyscraper window.

Don’t get me wrong, but ClickBank definitely is a questionable platform for selling the software from. If you read my post, The Ugly Truth About ClickBank, you will see in my review of their Affiliate “Terms & Conditions” that they blatantly say that the creator/author (under vendors) relinquishes their rights and ClickBank reserves the right to MODIFY their product(s).

I’m not sure I want to sacrifice the health of my computer or end up downloading a .pdf file versus actually getting the product from a reliable source.

Is There A Better Alternative?

This is where I have to say, I will give the creator more time to make contact with me. I don’t want to spam his message with, “hey, contact me” messages and end up getting in a spot that puts me in a bad position. I will continue checking my emails and messages while keeping my fingers crossed.

At this point, I can only hope that the creators are willing to go outside of ClickBank. I’m not giving up. This is a point of negotiating. If this product is not selling to businesses at a good profit ($500 or above), it should be. Of course, I would have to say that reading the “Terms & Conditions” Policy at ClickBank has put a sour taste on my tongue.

If this product delivers what it is advertising, the chat box within the Google/Bing/Yahoo search engine, then it is worth a minimum of $500 software purchase. I would find it a valuable resource in gaining customers via what they type into the search engine. If this product is a subscription service, it would be worth it.

So, talking to the creator is highly important for both you as readers and business owners alike. If I can find out more, I will keep you updated. If however, I continue to get “no response” from the creator, I will need to purchase the product thus possibly putting my computer’s health in jeopardy.

For Now – Keeping My Fingers Crossed

I will continue keeping my fingers crossed. By the way, the last time I checked on the TrafficZion 2 it was listed at $47 for more than one website. That’s not bad, of course, it is from my understanding a WordPress Plug-in. So, if you are working from a site that is not a WordPress site, it may not work. I’m pretty sure that it would work on the ClickFunnels platform, they use WordPress.

For now, I will continue the waiting process and see if I get a response.

Well, after an 11 o’clock webinar appointment with KTNine, I got back to work on my researching TrafficZion 2.  I just went to CB to see if I could find TrafficZion 2.  I typed it into the search engine in the affiliate market place, and it was not there.  I am suspecting that the creators read my information about CB and retracted their software from CB.  I am, however, still going to wait to make actual contact with the creator.

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