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Is it possible? Let’s look at some opportunities.

The past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of research. My research is on various make money sites and offers earn an income while developing my blog.

I have to say that I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get a post up. I wanted to actually go into these sites and see if they are legitimate ways to make a side job profit. While researching, I came across “Not Taught At School”. After looking into some sites that Mark Furniss suggested, I came to a conclusion on a few of them.

Company: Not Taught At School
Owner: Mark Furniss+
Type of Company: Affiliate Marketer, blogger, vlogger


I’ve watched several of Mark Furniss’ videos. I’ve read several articles, and reviewed suggested websites. I’ve made notations about the websites.

And so far, I’ve earned $5.01 in a weeks worth of work. I don’t want to cash out that $5.01 just yet, but I do want to grow a bigger profit than $5.01 in a weeks time.

My findings are:

If you find a program that gives you a $5 sign up bonus, then go for it. Yes, you have to stay on the websites for 30 days, but hey it’s $5 that you didn’t have before you started.

Pros for Not Taught At School

The pros I have for Not Taught At School are as follows:

This is a one in a billion vlogger. Mark is trying to help people earn real money. He is not micro-focused on affiliate marketing.

I appreciate individuals making full-time income online that will share with us. Mark Furniss is a real HELPER in a sea of SEOs and FBAs or SAAS companies.

Despite Mark being from the UK, he shares worldwide opportunities. He presents us with income opportunities that are REAL income opportunities. Some opportunities seem out-of-date, but they are still real opportunities.

I like his straight forward approach to making a full-time income on the internet.

This guy is so dedicated to making a full-time income and sharing his wealth of knowledge. He’s researching every lead, and every opportunity. He also vlogs if they are legitimate income sources.

Startup Stock PhotosSure he promotes his affiliate links, but what internet marketer doesn’t. This one-man researcher, gives you easy money opportunities. He offers “do the work to earn the pay” opportunities. This guy is the real deal. Despite a super highway jam packed with roadside vendors of affiliate opportunities.

You know the type. Those so called gurus that flood your YouTube viewing. They use their come to my webinar infomercials. These infomercials seem to pop-up when your watching your favorite YouTube channel.

The Cons

LOL…”the cons”… Like I said in the pros, there are not that many cons for Mark Furniss. Even if the websites are old and doughty, they are legitimate opportunities. Yet, he is giving you ways to make money online for free. He doesn’t push you to become an affiliate marketer. He’s not trying to flood the internet with new training that someone else came up with to make money online.

Out of all the affiliate programs, this guy is not just bringing you someone’s new idea on an old subject. He takes time out of his busy day to vlog about legitimate ways to make an income on the internet. I don’t have any cons on Mark Furniss or his Not Taught At School vlog.

As for “the cons”, guys there are so many of them out there. They give you the hype. You buy into the hype and are stuck making payments on some unknown way to make money on the internet. You stick it out for 30 days if the guru hype specialist is lucky enough to keep your attention that long.

Tyler B

A day waiting for the money to start rolling in seems like a day too long. When the 30-day mark rolls by, you still haven’t made a dime. The product that they sold you is their idea of what works. Yet, you buy this product to make that product work shwaz, and you just becoming broke AF. You either keep buying the hype or you bail.

Mark Furniss, in his “How To” vlog, is NOT handing you a pile of Bull Shwaz. He’s handing you a legitimate way to earn money online. If you don’t have the ability to copy and paste, then you need to upgrade your internet device. Even a cellphone has the ability to copy & paste.

The only thing that you might say is a “con” for his vlog series, is if you don’t have an internet connection. Or if you have an ancient & obsolete computer that uses dial-up. If you do not have the skill set to mimmick someone else’s actual skill set, this might pose a problem. But if you’re looking at the fact that you may have to actually do some work, then what are you even looking for?

If you’re looking for the “do nothing earn money” stuff, he even provides you with those opportunities.

My impression of the opportunities Mark provides

According to my findings:

The research data shows valid opportunities. Mark Furniss provides his viewers with comprehensible value. The data is simply this, if you have a pulse you are able to do and replicate the opportunities that he presents. He has a large library of videos to chose from on your money making opportunities search.

If you feel you don’t have the skills, there are still opportunities for you. But you may feel inclined to get the skills necessary to earn a full-time income online. Then look for the high-demand opportunities. And, get the skill sets needed to fulfill the demand or a part of the demand.

Should you do this, keep in mind to stay competitive with the other opportunity seekers out there. There are many ways to do this. I will go into more detail.

David Travis

    • Finding an opportunity in a high demand field with particular skill sets.

    • Browse through the leads that Mark Furniss suggests on Fiverr and etsy. Look for opportunities to match skilled people with people needing their service. If you can help the person, then go for it.

    • Once you’ve found a match, put in your “bid”, get the details of the job. Find a common compromise that will work to your advantage.

    • Keep your prices competitive. Don’t put a higher price than a pro, you want to be competitive but not bite off more than you can chew.

    • Keep a portfolio of work that you’ve done and make it a portfolio that is by request only. This keeps your competitors out of your portfolio. And, it does not put the privacy of your previous clients in jeopardy.



    Drop by and leave a comment. Let me know the opportunity that you’ve tried, and how much you’ve made with it.

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