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Updating You on TrafficZion 2:

TrafficZion 2Johannes Plenio

Well, I did my due diligence and found the product. Yes, I know it’s on Click Bank. After sitting bored out of my mind listening to their CB University sh-peel, I finally got my Affiliate Account ID.

You may know how I feel about CB and their sketchy history. If not you can read about my due diligence here, The Ugly Truth About Clickbank, but at least I know in advance.

I’ve also subscribed to one of the creator’s YouTube channels and have been receiving notifications of his videos.

As a struggling entrepreneur myself, I know that getting traffic to your website, blog, YouTube channel can be a painstaking task. Often times people give up because of how difficult it can be.

Getting traffic to your sites or pages can be like zapping a dying person whose heart has stopped. Once the traffic starts funneling in on a day to day basis, you start to feel hopeful. Having software that can give a constant boost to the traffic like TrafficZion 2 can really speed up the process of seeing results.

As I am building out my website, I know that getting the traffic has been a long road so far, and I’m less than 60 days into building my website. I can only begin to imagine how this product will boost my traffic. I know that I want this product more than I do the Click Funnels. As I said in my post, Click Funnels Stuck On Step Four, I can’t even imagine forking over such a large amount of money on a small business budget.Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

If you have a website or page and you need to get traffic specific to your niche, I would say that it is a better value at a low cost of $55.53. This is $99 less than the CF preferred traffic4u. To be honest, traffic4u may feel they have a superior product with no guaranteed conversions, but I think having software that searches a search engine platform for you even while you sleep is a better option.

Not just that, it also beats going to forums and risking getting banned by promoting your product in a stealthy way. Honestly, who wants to troll for leads in a forum group or in social media groups when they have so much work that they could be getting accomplished by avoiding that process.

There are so many gurus out there telling people to get their capture pages on social media and in forums or groups. Some days I can scroll through my social media page and be bombarded with constant advertisements that I give up looking for posts from friends and family.

I Found Another Superior Product:

Yes, it’s true. I was trying to watch a video by the creator of TrafficZion 2 and a very interesting advertisement came on during a commercial break. If you are in Amazon FBA, I would definitely take the advertised product over Kale & Taylor’s product.

It seemed to be a bit more complex, but well worth it in the end. I’m sure that you all know about Keyword searching. This product had a feature that allows you to check the keywords of your competitors and surpass them on the first page of Amazon as well as the first page of Google.

I don’t think that I can explain it as well as the reviewer, so I will gracefully bow out and allow the reviewer to do the talking for me.

Helium 10 | An exceptional product

This product seems to give the upper hand to the Amazon sellers out there. I think that this product, although complicated, would work superior to Kale & Taylor’s Boost Nine from my post, Kale & Taylor’s vs. Wealthy Affiliate University. However, if you are simply looking for a high-demand product to put in a store on your website, Boost Nine would work just fine.

Overall, the product suite that you get when using the Helium 10 is more focused than the Boost Nine. The BN is a singular product and you end up doing all the competitor research manually versus having the Helium 10 products doing the competitor research for you. When it comes to making your job easier as a seller, wouldn’t you want a product that has a 12 software in its suite versus a single product with only one capability that leaves you doing all the research manually?

They do have a $47 version, when I looked on the page, however, I did not look to see what was included in that package and it was a package deal for after the initial free trial period. This seems like a great deal even if you only get the 4 core software in the $47 package.

Summing It Up:


  1. I found TrafficZion 2 and will be launching this on my website soon.
  2. TZ2 is a more cost-efficient way to bring in Organic (Live) Traffic.
  3. Amazon sellers would benefit more from the Helium 10 than the Boost Nine.
  4. Boost Nine is still valuable for placing products in a store on your website even if you are not an Amazon FBA seller.

This has been an amazing journey for me today. I hope you found value in this review. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I appreciate your feedback and any more knowledge that you may be able to contribute is welcomed. Thank you for taking the time to drop by for a bit of an enlightening read. If you haven’t read the links that I provided, please take the time to look around. If you have any requests for a future post, I will need time to do the research, but feel free to leave a suggestion and I may just use your suggestions giving you credit for the topic.

Again, thank you and have an awesome day. Be looking for the TrafficZion 2 to be launched here soon.

2 thoughts on “I Found The Creator| I Decided That This Traffic Platform Is Worth It”

  1. coralie says:

    I really like your post, it gave me a ton of new ideas for my website. I am also about 6 weeks into my website, and it certainly is a journey. More like a marathon than a sprint.
    Clickbank is something that I am just trying out, so I am not sure how I feel about it and products like it. Youtube is something I would like to get into, so I may dip my foot in that market. You are right the ultimate goal is traffic. Your site looks great and best of luck to you.

    1. Kalaya says:

      Thank you. I agree with you. It is a marathon for a great internet experience as an online business owner.
      If you are going to get into YouTube, you might want to read my latest post. It gives tips in a rant about customer experience & the YouTuber.

      LOL…Don’t get me started. I’ll keep it brief.

      There are so many gurus or self-proclaimed gurus out there that should take a break and view things from the potential customer’s point of view. Yet, they have no clue what their customer experience really is.

      So, keep the customer’s point of view when you are addressing your audience.

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