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What Is A High Ticket Affiliate Program?


Yesterday, I decided that I wanted to have a few high ticket items available for me as I just became an affiliate marketer.


If you were unaware, affiliate marketing is when a company pays you a commission to advertise their products.


There are some places that give you a commission that is low, such as $0.30, $0.40, $0.50 per unit sold. This takes forever to earn a sustainable monthly income. These are the “dabble until you figure it out what you want” websites that are mostly drop shipping companies.


Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t “want to quit your day job” or “fire your boss”, these companies are the bee’s knees. However, if you want to make a passive income that you can actually live on and get perks like exotic cars, those little commission web companies won’t make the cut.


A high ticket affiliate program usually starts you out with a hefty commission on their products that you sell. Some of the best affiliate programs will pay their affiliates 25%, 35%, 40%, and even some up to 50-60% commissions. These companies usually don’t aim at getting Betty Sue her cute & cuddly kitten look-a-like plush toy for $39.95 and in return give you a $0.30 commission for finding Betty Sue Buyer.


These companies usually start no lower than $47 and usually have a starter program which is free to start with a residual monthly commission of at least 40%. Now wait on the math, I’m not yet finished. They also have a tier 2 and possibly a tier 3 programs which you can get into to sell the even bigger ticket items.  They also have perks like trips, exotic sports cars, fast lane to the millionaire’s clubs, etc.


Now speaking of math, these programs are great for actually calculating your dream income, giving you goals to get to that dream income, & possibly exceeding that dream income in a shorter amount of time as those…small…paying…small companies.


Money! Money! Money! – Let’s do a side by side comparison.


Little Company versus Bigger Pay Day Company:


The little guy starts you out (roughly the high end) at $0.30. You made a sale & your total income from that sale is $0.30. It takes you 100 sales at $0.30 per unit sold to reach $30.00. You turn approximately 100 units sold per week and get paid maybe twice a month. HOLY COW! You’re rich…in one month!


(Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Because I started at that level and got a bad taste of what affiliate marketing is like.) By the way, in four weeks you’ve roughly made $120.


So, what does the high ticket look like? Well, the high ticket starts out with a free to try, and an opt-in now, and a yearly plan usually. The free trial period usually allows you to make money while you get trained to promote products for the company. This is a pretty cool perk. You get in, get your feet wet, take the training, make money.


You get up to a 40% commission on the people that purchase under your affiliateship. Wow, pretty awesome compared to $0.40. The products that they sell range from $47 – $85,000. Um…WHAT?!? Yes, high ticket products range from $47 to $85,000. This all depends on the company that you choose to affiliate market.


Now, the math on the first tier of a two-tier marketing campaign. Starting out, let’s look at the first tier level. You get on the internet & you get started. You’re all gung-ho about the perks & the possible income. You’ve made your first sell. Not bad, you’ve got $18.80 coming on payday, SO FAR.


You pop out the sales as you’ve just got a blast of energy from the universe like Guiko fighting Freiza. You got this. Your first two weeks end and you count your pesos. In two weeks at the small $0.40 paying affiliate job, you pulled a whopping $60.00. But, PAYDAY IS HERE BOI!! In 2 weeks, you made $3,760 for 100 sales per week. Let’s look at the math; $3,760 (high ticket) – $60 (small ticket) = $3,700 WHAT?!? Yes, that’s $3,700 more for the same amount of sales.


You’ve made sure your 13% taxes are saved for & you reinvest because this sit on the couch in your pajamas job just gave you your first check of the month, $3,700. Now you reinvest a very small portion of this windfall back into upgrading your affiliate with the company to get the even bigger ticket items to promote. Let’s do the math.


The next item above the free trial is the $97 product. You sell 100 products for this company per week. That’s 200 sales per pay period. Your first sale and you make $38.80 this time. You’re looking at a $7,760 earnings for your first check of the month and an additional $7,760 for the second check of the month. That’s not bad.


That’s a little extra in the pocket to pay things off early & maybe save for a bathroom or kitchen remodel. SHHYAY! Your monthly total is $14,520. You may not think that’s much if you have a $65,000 per month income. But for the broke AF people that are barely scraping by, that’s a pretty nice looking bundle of greenbacks.


Now say, you were not giving it your all in your advertisement because you doubted it would pay well. You get out there on the internet and you bust your butt revising your advertisement to reach the people that are skeptical that it’s possible. You flash your numbers to your best buddies and they ask you where the Heck you got it.


Your revised and excitement filled advertisement comes back and you’ve reached 300 new people with your bubbly and exciting new vibe. Wow! You hit home with some broke AF people that really think they can make this happen because it worked for you. What do they have to lose? It’s a free trial & then they can upgrade like you.


Let’s Do The Math – You Might Love The Results!


Now you have your residual income from the first month’s people that opted-in. Let’s take a peek at the new numbers.  You still have the residual income of $14,520, and you’ve increased it to 4 times that.  Your total monthly income is now at a whopping $58,080


Tom, Larry, Sue, Bob, and Jeff Opt-Inner plus five others reached 100 people each with their campaigns that they started. On the second tier level, you get $5 for each person they sign up. Hey, don’t judge quite yet.  


Let’s do the math: You have your monthly opt-in’s from last month that will bring you a constant $58,520. They just recruited 1,000 more people. That starts out with $5 * 1,000 = $5,000 + $58,520 = $63,520 per month income.


A few more of you sign up during the month for an even higher level with the largest ticket earnings you can come by through that affiliate program. These larger ticket items run about $400 each. You manage to recruit 100 people at this level. Your commission is still set at 40%.


Now you have your $120 that you made in a full month at the smaller ticket company being made on a single sale. Here’s the math: $120 * 100 = $12,000. Now you have a total of $63,520 + $12,000 = $75,520 per month and that’s residual income.


What Is My Take On The High Ticket Affiliate?


Well, for me, the math and the contract are the key factors. If there is a problem with the key factors, then I would tend to shy away from the not so good affiliate contract. However, most of the people looking for high ticket affiliate marketers are those that are looking for the cream of the crop in the market.


The math, on the other hand, can keep growing and keep growing until you are making well into the million dollar mark per month. The plus about this is that there’s not really any limit to what you are capable of making in a high ticket market unless the vendor is putting a cap per month on your sales.


This more than likely won’t happen because they want those sales. However, if they do put a cap on it, I would think that it is more about the servers not being able to handle the number of productions.


So, my final thoughts are, if you are really looking to expand your business or just grow your first store from nothing to massive money making experiences, go on over to my affiliate link and check things out. It can’t hurt to try before you buy. Give those tires a nice swift kick and watch your company explode with profit. Here’s the link:


The importance of this link is simple.  You become an affiliate to the company, and you sell their products and education to NEW ONLINE BUSINESSES and you can collect a nice residual income.  These new online stores may not know where to get the customers.  When you consult for these store owners, you’re helping them advertise their products to people that want to buy their products.  It’s as simple as that.

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  1. Ali says:

    What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about high ticket affiliate programs and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


    1. Kalaya says:

      Thank you for reading all the way through and commenting. I know that there are people out there that are trying really hard and through this blog, I am hoping to reach those people that are struggling to find the right product and the right affiliate programs. Thank you again, I really appreciate hearing from the readers.

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