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Yes, I Am Stuck On Step Four.

Let’s get started. I have been looking into getting traffic to my website. I heard that creating content will bring in the traffic. Well, SEO is slow like a Mom & Pop Shop in NoWhere City, NV. (Laughing out loud, seriously – their population the last time I was there happened to be 3, a man & his wife and their dog.)

So, most people (with $251 extra per month) would go all in to get the click funnels moving. Not me. I wanted a little more information about what is available out there before slamming my toe in the tire and maybe regretting it later. The Traffic4u seems unbeatable with live people actually clicking your page.

I only have one problem with this. Where does the traffic come from? Why is it that they cannot guarantee me the 200 purchases out of those 200 email subscribers that I have to convert to paying traffic? Have they just recycled emails from people that did not purchase the last time they emailed them? Huh, what a dilemma.

No fears, I just started researching my options. I typed into YouTube search engine, “what is the difference between live traffic and a traffic bot”. Well, obviously I know the difference between a living breathing individual and a robot, but I got a few pages worth of videos.

You see, I’m already in an SEO/CEO community. I have my websites and, I can have as many clicks by living breathing individuals as I need to get my websites ranked in Google. These people give me feedback, comment, and engage with me on and about my websites. So, my goal here is to help you see that there are alternatives out there that are not as costly as traffic4u.

Yay, I know the hype to build your click funnels feels just like hype. No worries though, stick with it, or not – it is your choice.

What Is The Solution For Live Click Throughs?

Well, if it’s page rankings that you are looking for, there are friends and family on your social media pages. And then, there are actual communities that are built for the SEO/CEO. The communities that you subscribe to that cost nothing are the cheapest obviously.

Then there are the non-judgmental communities that are designed to assist you. Trust me, the small monthly dues are much better than paying a consultant thousands of dollars every month to “fix your website”.

There are also places like Traffic Trapper 2.0, Traffic Geyser 2.0, TrafficZion 2, etc. These – I watched the videos on to see if I could understand what exactly these traffic producers are.

Some couldn’t guarantee organic (living breathing) traffic and you had to manually go in and block the bad bot clickers and the good bot clickers. You also in some cases needed another software program to find the bad bots/good bots. Again, you were not guaranteed sales on most of them.

TrafficZion 1, I could not wrap my mind completely around the concept. It came out in 2018. It almost sounded too good to be true. From the explanation by one of the creators, Demetri, it sounded very futuristic. I was tantalized by the thought that the creator had possibly designed something so futuristic that it made me curious to buy.

Yes, I almost impulse shopped – from the creators’ explanation nonetheless.

Let Me Paint The Imagery For You.

Take a moment to indulge me by actually imagining in your mind the following scenario.

You’re on the internet searching for a particular thing. All of a sudden, an online business owner that sells what you are looking for opens a chat box with you. You ask your questions about the product directly to the online business owner. He sends you the link directly to his website and you browse directly.

I was amazed at the imagery that this creator explained in his video. Is there something this futuristic out there? As I said, it made me want to impulse buy. I didn’t want to get in on a pure hype product pitch. This in particular thing is what costs the newbie entrepreneur to end up spending their whole budget in a short amount of time.

I did not buy, but I want more information directly from the creator of this product. I will let you know when I have all the information that I want on this product and will return with more information as I research more on this topic.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an online operator that can assist you in finding the exact website that you are looking for?

I will conclude here with a “TO BE CONTINUED”.

Until next time, look into communities like Wealthy Affiliate to keep you from having to hire a $5,000 consultant to fix your websites.

14 thoughts on “Click Funnels | Stuck On Step Four”

  1. Owillz says:

    Great post this is. Another write up promoting Wealthy Affiliate platform. But as a form of recommendation for you, pls do proof read your content for errors before posting especially if you are not from an English speaking country. I found some errors in your post. For example in this line “Then their are the non-judgmental communities that are designed to assist you.”  should have been “then there are…”. Just saying though for the benefit of your future visitor’s understanding.  However, this doesn’t take anything away from the point you are making in here. Thanks once more. 

    1. Kalaya Mauk says:

      Thank you, I guess some things slip through the grammar check.  I cannot fault the spell checker/grammar checker, because it is spelled properly.  You are correct,  I will need to go back through it.  I was actually in the process of going back into the post when your comment arrived.  Thank you for having a keen eye.

    2. Kalaya Mauk says:

      Thank you again, I’ve fixed it with Grammarly. I find it more thorough. I have to say, I found the same mistake throughout the whole post. I will blame it on a one track mind this late. I’m in the USA on the west coast. It’s 02:40 here.

      1. Laura wright says:

        I use the Grammarly regularly, I found it before I found WA. I thought your content was interesting and informative. Good set up for WA. Looking good. I’m very new at this and feel the same frustration.

        1. Kalaya says:

          Thank you. Keep working on the training. Stick to it & make a to-do list. It is important to keep at it. If you get stuck, there are others who have been where you are and can lend a hand if you need it. Asking questions is also important.

          Congratulations on choosing WA. It’s a great move into a long-term internet experience.

  2. Agnes says:

    You are right as many website creators, bloggers would like to have as many readers on their sites as possible but generating traffic is not a simple task. I’m having the same problem as well, after having created so much quality content I’m just frustrated not to have readers. It’s really a bad feeling because why you write – in general – your aim is to have people who read your ideas and write comments. The second reason is you would like to help them out by offernig solutions (products/services) for them and it would make you money at the same time. What is your idea how to generate traffic to your homepage for free?

    1. Kalaya Mauk says:

      Well, from what I gathered information-wise, the traffic bots are a big no-no with Google and if they find any type of traffic bots on your page they won’t even rank you.  This is actually something that I’ve started researching.  I am currently looking into TrafficZion 2.  This seems so futuristic, but if it is for real, I will get back to you on this and may even try it out first.  

      I agree that it is frustrating.  All I can say, for the time being, get as many people in your WA followers to look at your page interact with your page and leave comments.  This is what will increase your placement in Google.

      Cross your fingers, I’m hoping that the software is legitimately what the creator is claiming.

    2. Kalaya Mauk says:

      I would suggest getting into a community of SEO/CEOs. I am in Wealthy Affiliate. Another suggestion I would try is using a forum in your niche and putting your site in the signature line for the forum. You can also form a club that is in your niche

  3. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Hi Kalaya, what a fun read. I had such a giggle about your SEO traffic musings at the beginning, I just had to read to the end of the post. Because I’m doing all my keyword research and my meta tags and shoo, traffic is still slow, so I hear you. I’m always on the lookout for that one thing that’s going to bring me a deluge of traffic, I’m hoping it’s going to be my online courses… we’ll see. Or maybe I have to have the traffic and the email list before I can launch?  Hope not. 

    Aaaanyway, I also checked out Click Funnels and decided it would break the bank.   Waiting for episode 2 from you.

    1. Kalaya says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post.  I too am looking forward to the next post as well.  I’m just all bubbly with excitement to think of the possibilities out there with technology constantly changing.

  4. Miss Momo says:

    I haven’t had the guts to even look into “alternative” ways to get traffic. Google frightens me too much. But the last thing you were writing about, Traffic Zion sounds like a legit way. I will wait in anticipation for further reviews on the subject from you. 
    And I really like your writing. It was a fun read. 

    1. Kalaya Mauk says:

      Thank you.  I am hoping that it is indeed legitimate also.  It is exciting to think that we’ve come so far with technology.

  5. Stratos K says:

    Getting organic traffic to your website is one of the hardest and most crucial things for a blog. It takes time, it needs lots and lots of hard work and most of all it needs you to be patient. It took me more than a year to start seeing some quality traffic coming to my website and this is a very difficult time for most beginner bloggers that more often than not quit because they don’t see any results. I don’t know what other legitimate ways there are to gain more traffic but I believe that SEO traffic is the safest one from any future Google updates.

    1. Kalaya says:

      Thank you.  It is always appreciated hearing from a veteran SEO.  I agree with you, SEO traffic is the safest.  I also agree that new bloggers do tend to give up when they do not see results.  As long as I play it safe with my money, I won’t end up breaking the bank trying to monetize with my SEO.

      The review that I’m looking at doing with regards to TrafficZion won’t break the bank, but from the Creators’ video, it is difficult to decide if I’m over visualizing or not.  If it is possible to have such bots or if it is a community like Wealthy Affiliate, I do not know yet.  

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