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David McBeeHave You Seen the Market Value Of Bitcoin Lately?

I’ve been keeping track of Bitcoin’s market value. It has bounced around last week between 7100+ to 8500+. Right now, it has been growing in value. It’s trying to reach a market value of $10,000.

There have been a few things in the news. The first thing that comes to mind is Securities & Exchange Commission & (SEC) Robert Jackson, Jr. have not been able to get a Bitcoin ETF approved.

He believes “when crypto markets are sufficiently transparent and liquid” the Bitcoin ETF will gain approval, according to Samantha Chang of

According to Chang, (SEC) Commissioner Robert Jackson, Jr. is a skeptic and he admitted that the Securities & Exchange Commission have been “experiencing internal disagreements” in regard to regulatory policy on crypto currencies.

Jackson stated to Chang that there are three things that will change the SEC agency view. These are:

  • The market becoming more transparent
  • The market becoming more liquid
  • Adding bigger players

The Winklevoss twins have received rejections for Bitcoin ETF in March 2017 and again in June 2018 by the SEC, according to Chang. The rejections in 2017 and 2018 cited that the Winklevoss twins failed to prove that their “Bitcoin ETF could prevent fraud & market manipulation.”

Chang continued, “In May 2019”, the Securities & Exchange Commission has “delayed making a decision on the VanEck Bitcoin ETF.” This “postponement” is not seen as a “rejection” to the crypto currencies industry.

“Jackson claims that [the] agency [SEC] is reluctant to approve crypto proposals because it wants to protect consumers from cons & shams,” according to Chang.

Chang continues, “Early in this Market, some lawyers out on the West Coast got out ahead of their skis,” she quotes Robert Jackson, Jr., “They gave advice that these things were not securities. And candidly, my reaction as a lawyer & human when reading that advice, [was that] it was aggressive.”

According to the article by Chang, the SEC does not view crypto currency as a stock because it does not meet the 80 or 90 year old requirements to be a stock.

This is a problem that can be resolved by updating their views on Intellectual Property. The main reason they cannot get beyond the delay of accepting crypto currency is that the commissioners of the SEC cannot agree upon how to regulate crypto currency.

It is great that they want to keep us safe from scammers. However, for the SEC to not be able to agree on how it should be regulated means the SEC wishes to only work with centralized currency.

A crypto bank does exist online; however, it is more of a crypto trading platform & it has over 367k affiliates. This makes me wonder if it really is a bank or just another trading platform. You also have to have a private invite & be willing & able to invest no less than $500 deposit. Plus, referring affiliate gets 1% of your investment.

Binance, on the other hand, does not require a personal invite. However, you cannot register if you are a resident of the United States. According to, there are 19 places people living in the United States can purchase Bitcoin.

Exchanges Where USA Can Buy Bitcoin & A Quick Overall View:

Right here; I will provide you with a basic list and overall view of’s top picks for exchanges that US residents can use.


A Quick Overall View:

  • High liquidity & buying limits
  • Easy way for newcomers to get Bitcoins
  • Instant buy option with debit card
  • Purchase with bank transfer can take up to 5 days
  • Coinbase may track how & where you spend your Bitcoins
  • Ease of use – Easy
  • Privacy – Low
  • Speed – Average
  • Fees – Average
  • Reputation – Trusted
  • Limits – High




A Quick Overall View:

  • Works in most all countries
  • Highest limits for buying Bitcoins with a credit card
  • Reliable & trusted broker
  • Highest fees among credit/debit card brokers
  • Ease of use – Easy
  • Privacy – Low
  • Speed – Fast
  • Fees – High
  • Reputation – Trusted
  • Limits – High


Quick Overall View:

  • User Interface is confusing
  • Low Fees for US & EU
  • Possible to buy coins at 0% fees
  • Ease of use – Hard
  • Privacy – Low
  • Speed – Average
  • Fees – Low
  • Reputation – Trusted
  • Limits – High

A Quick Overall View:

  • Works in US, EU, & certain areas in South America
  • Low 0.2% trading fees
  • Established & trusted exchange
  • Verification process is extensive, requires personal information, requires photo, & long delays
  • GBP market lacks liquidity
  • Ease of use – Average
  • Privacy – Low
  • Speed – Average
  • Fees – Average
  • Reputation – Trusted
  • Limits – Average



A Quick Overall View:

  • It is an escrow service
  • Matches Bitcoin buyers with Bitcoin sellers
  • Method of payment – cash deposit
  • Can be private, fast, & easy
  • In-person trades – requires no personal information
  • Purchase of Bitcoin quickly by cash deposit
  • Can be scammed easily
  • Have to follow the rules (but does not say who the rules are from – i.e. – seller, or escrow agency, or both)
  • Harder to buy large amounts versus large exchange companies that have higher limits than a private individual
  • Can be slightly or significantly higher prices than regular exchanges you pay for higher privacy
  • Ease of use – Hard
  • Privacy – High
  • Speed – Fast
  • Fees – Low [to significantly higher so fees vary]
  • Reputation – Trusted [so they say at, but the fact of the matter is, if they (the escrow agency) cannot verify that it is not a scam then they have been overrated by with a “Trusted” rating]
  • Limits – Average [again, may be overrated by because of their own statement of “…harder to buy large amounts of bitcoins compared to large exchanges”]

Okay…before I go on I need to state that I would not rate Local Bitcoins as highly as Here is why:

Any escrow company in the United States works in Real Estate & deals with the purchases of Real Estate, sales of Real Estate & postmortem Real Estate (which means bank sales, person to person (p2p), liens, etc. on Real Estate left in wills or living wills after the owner has passed away).

What does this mean? Someone took the term “Internet Real Estate” to an extreme level, especially when it is actually a purchase of a share of Intellectual Property.

This “escrow” sale/buy match company is so ridiculously over the line of reality that it is quite literally laughable. What I mean is, it is like saying your brain is a plot of land & someone is purchasing a small chunk of your brain for thinking up the concept of Bitcoin – a digital currency.

This is an Intellectual Property thought of by a person & this is probably why the SEC is having issues finding ways to regulate it.

Intellectual Property can be sold, bought or even traded by the developer for monies, real property, inventory, machinery, and vehicles. It is part of a companies assets & can as I stated be sold, bought or traded as part of the assets of the company of origin.

However, the catch comes in this…if the company is solely based on the intellectual property, it is limited with regard to ever becoming a real stock able to be traded on the stock market. This to is part of the reasonable indicators that is stalling the SEC on making decisions regarding Bitcoin ETF.

So from this point on, I will only list the exchange companies remaining & allow you to do your own research on the remaining companies that has listed as the top 19 companies. Keep in mind that you may want to search online for reviews of the agencies for a broader view. Don’t discount any bad reviews that you may find on the companies.

In other words, take any bad reviews as that individuals experience with that company, or as an affiliate’s desire to promote the company for a share of your deposit. I’m not saying that all Bitcoin exchanges are scams. I’m just saying do your due diligence when researching.

The rest of the list:

  • Wall of coins
  • BitQuick
  • Gemini
  • Bitstamp
  • Kraken
  • Athena Investor Services
  • Liberty X
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • VirWoX
  • Coin BTM
  • itBit
  • Cancoin
  • Mycelium Local Trader
  • Changelly

Mining Bitcoin

I chose to go with CryptoTab because it allows me to own Bitcoin without any investment of financial nature. I browse the internet as it runs in the background finding transactions that have not been put into a centralized ledger. It records these transactions & sends them to a centralized location to be recorded.

Lastly and very important: In 2020 Facebook Will Launch LIBRA

In 2020, Facebook will be launching its very own crypto currency. Now we’re talking. This company has been around for years. I feel this is a great step for Mark Zuckerberg & getting in on this companies crypto currency would be a perfect investment. The Facebook crypto currency will be called Libra. Wow, the water bearers are a great name.

Why do I feel that this launch of crypto is a great idea? This is an established company & owning its coin Libra would be like owning my actual Facebook pages with a crypto that is backed by a legitimate company, as is JP Morgan’s crypto.

As Facebook launches its whitepapers on Libra, Bitcoin reaches a lull in it is climb towards a market value of $10,000. Apparently, for the last 13-months, Bitcoin has been trading flat.

Traders know when a “stock” trades flat, this could trend bullish or bearish. Some people may be looking to get out at the flat line. This is quite the trend for people who trade on the highs. However, what these people may not realize is that experienced traders know that a flat trading market is a sign that traders are moving towards a “holding pattern”. What this means is that traders may trade a small portion for an increase in the value of the remaining held shares.

It then turns into a supply & demand as the held shares’ values are pushed for an upward climb in value. These hold patterns will continue with smaller trades trending.

When a person freaks on a long trend of the holding pattern it is usually over a stalemate in price negotiation & they will usually reduce their asking in order to end the stalemate and move the market in one direction or the other.

Of course, these flat trends can also end with the stalemate increasing the value of the stock by paying the asking. The main goal of this particular strategy is holding the higher value stock as long as possible & hoping for a secondary trend towards an increase in the market value on the next trade.

The aforementioned strategy is usually met by increasing the value in the seven or eight figures that fall on the right-hand side of the decimal. These figures are pushed back & forth between trades in a flat holding pattern.

However, in an upward trend these figures increase slowly or rapidly & traders are looking for gains upwards of 50-90 cents or higher. These small gains add up & lend to the upward trends in the market.

But in a downward trend, these incremental numbers may seem huge to a traders clients on the bid end.

The problem with these holding trends is this, they may plunge after a holding pattern when a company with real assets launches a crypto currency. Why? When a company such as Facebook is established for years launches a crypto currency, it has real property to back its initial asking price on a launch.

It can start a launch with a particular percent of its real property backing it for both profits and losses. In a company (with real assets) launch, you can even see a percent of value placed on a certain amount of coins for a profit to the company’s real assets.

However, the company with real assets will also keep itself from experiencing any losses that will hinder any real assets.

A crypto currency that does not have any real assets to back its intellectual property will or may suffer losses in the market based on the mere fact that its competitor has real assets backing it.

The thing about a company with real assets is this…even if they launch with their crypto, they can back their crypto in a manner like the following example:

$1 real assets = 100,000,000,000 crypto

What this means to a crypto purchaser is that for every dollar that they pay for a LIBRA there is a portion of Facebook assets that backs the coin.

What this means to the other crypto currencies is this:

They better have real property assets and real assets in general to back their crypto. Why? Because, Libra will be to the industry of crypto currency a real asset backed currency versus an in-game purchase currency/token.

For more information on the whitepapers that Facebook has released go to

For more information on Bitcoin ASIC mining go to or


3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Market Data | LIBRA Is Coming In 2020”

  1. Stella says:

    Bitcoin is awakening my hope again. It is bringing a promising future and I hope it moon beyond  where it has fallen, it would have been the greatest success that ever happened in my crypto journey. I heard that Facebook will laugh their coin and I was hoping to see how it will look like. If the launching of Libra is part of the entity responsible for the current rise in the Bitcoin value, that mean Bitcoin is at the verge of proper erection again. I can wait for that moment when crypto world become completely decentralized again.

    1. Kalaya Mauk says:

      Crypto is decentralized currently, but as crypto banks emerge, it will become centralized.  The Libra is supposed to be remaining decentralized as it has 10 investors that have each put in $10,000 towards it staying decentralized.  

      Thank you for your comment & I’m glad that you are still hopeful for Bitcoin’s future.

  2. Zihad says:

    Hello there!

    Thanks to share this article. This is so informative and important too as you gave some important information about bitcoin which is a big cryptocurrency nowadays. Value of bitcoin have risen so much in last two years that is horrible. Good to see your research about it’s price. This information is needed in many secrltors of earning cryptos. Another important thing you shared the exchange system. Moreover I knew about only coinbase. You have given information about more sites that use bitcoins. Thanks again for that.

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