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Bitcoin “Halveses” | What The Hell?photo by Matthew Guay

This morning I opened my phone to Google News on Bitcoin. Several things hit the news on Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin Price Nears $12K After Rising $500 In Minutes” — Omar Godbole from

“Bitcoin Back Near $12K As BTC Shorters Lose $44 Million In One Morning” — William Suberg from

“Bitcoin Price Could Crash Below $3,000 In Brutal Worst-Case Scenario, Warns Trader” — Ben Brown from

“Iran Accuses US Of Looking To Thwart Its Bitcoin Mining Operations” — Jose Antonio Lanz from

As I read Jose Lanz’s article, I began to wonder how the USA could get involved in other countries affairs. This would involve an over-stepping of the USA’s jurisdiction into the Iranian Nation’s economic affairs. As if, the USA owned Iran. This would be a usurping of authority that would increase the likelihood of a third world war.

I think the over-stepping of the jurisdiction by the USA would be a step in the wrong direction. All the Iranian’s have to do is outlaw the use of non-ASIC miners and their energy consumption by Bitcoin miners returns to normal energy consumption.

ASIC mining does not increase energy consumption. However, the non-ASIC miners do use more energy than the ASIC miners.

Now, if the Iranian’s are concerned that the USA is sticking their noses into places it has no business, then the Ministries for Communication and Information should consider that Trump’s personal issues with China may show up. However, not everyone backs Trump’s personal issues with by Spenser

You see, Trump blames the Chinese of getting rich off of Americans. I have to laugh my ass off on that one. Here’s the problem with his point of view:

1) The Chinese educational system surpasses the United States school system. Their students get an education of prodigy level skills, and these students grow into their employable skills before they reach college-level training. And their colleges, let me tell you about their colleges, all their colleges are is for specializing in the areas that they are employable for after graduation.

China has more millionaires and billionaires than we do. Why? Because they don’t change their curriculum based on the whims of the teachers. China has a curriculum that remains constant and never changing. In other words, books that their grandparents used in school are books that their great-grandchildren would have the opportunity to use.

Basically, China has an educational system that produces geniuses and continues to produce geniuses by the hundreds of thousands. The USA, on the other hand, prides itself on only producing a HANDFUL of geniuses at a time.

So, is Trump’s personal issues with China a valid issue or is it just an attempt to dumb down our educational system even more?

2) Chinese Culture is highly differing from the United States Culture. For starters, we don’t have our futures planned out for us via our Zodiac signs and the alignment of the stars on our birthdays. Why? photo by David Besh That would eliminate the freedom of choice. Our freedom of choice, what we do for a living, who we date, who we fall in love with, who we marry, who we choose for political office, what we watch on television, is important. These are choices that Americans keep and want to continue keeping. Certainly, it may cause struggle and hardship as we forge our way through life, but we cherish the freedom of choice.

In China, these freedoms are constricted by the ancestral concepts of star alignments, traits embedded from childhood based on honor and integrity (something that a lot of Americans lack), and an educational system that never varies or sways from a curriculum that produces genius levels.

If Trump feels threatened by genius production, maybe he needs to take his fear out of the political campaign and go back to his corporation of solitude and keep his personal strategies of defeating China in his private corporate closet.

As far as Trump over-stepping jurisdiction, I think the Iranian’s Ministries of Communication and Information needs to settle down and just render his paranoia as a precaution to the loss of any USA energy stipend.

Come on, $0.14 for energy isn’t going to break their economy if anything it will increase their economy. They may be only paying $0.03 on energy currently, but if Iran plays its cards right, they could up the rate on Bitcoin miners to profit $0.25 to $0.35 per kilowatt hour.

I’m not saying “break the poor man”, but they do have the opportunity to charge a residential rate (low) and a business rate (high) like the USA by Andre Moura

As far as Bitcoin “halveses” is concerned, I don’t think that a proper analysis has been done. The trader needs to keep his “halveses” in his apples and oranges and out of the opinions in trading. For starters it’s not called “halves” or “halveses”, it is called a corporate buyback.

In a corporate buyback, a corporation purchases its stock back. This does not lower the going rate of the stock.  As a matter of fact, it causes scarcity of shares in the market which drives the prices skyward.

This skyward trend obviously increases the cost to purchase a single share.  This also causes stability to the stock.  Stability in the Cryptocurrency market is what is needed in order for it to become a worldwide accepted currency.

The only time a stock’s price is majorly affected is in a merger situation. This is when the price can go to a 1,000:1. Meaning, that the former 1 share of stock now takes 1,000 shares of that stock to be equivalent to one share of the former value. As said, this only happens when there is a buyout of the corporation or a merger of two or more corporations.

The thing that I noted from the article about Bitcoin falling to $3,000 is from a trader and not an actual stock analyst. Please don’t confuse the two, because they are two different personas with two separate qualifications. One buys and sells and trades while the other does statistical analysis specifically on corporations and their stocks.

An analyst in the financial sector can even get paid for assisting a company in fixing the problems that arise in its operations sector that affect its value and income. Where a trader, buyer, and seller/broker can only predict his/her opinion on a stock.

Would I say that had a reliable source on the $3,000 drop prediction? Not at all, because anyone who calls a corporate buyback a “halveses” clearly has no clue what he is attempting to convey.

As far as the claims that the stock is oversold, I would have to say that again did not have a reliable by Markus Spiske

As a word of warning, do not rely on everything you read out there when you are doing your research on stocks to purchase. Always use a time tested broker when you are looking for a trading company to purchase your stocks. If possible, ask for a seasoned stockbroker. You don’t want to end up with an unreliable broker like happened to do. I mean really, calling a corporate buyback “halveses”, just doesn’t have the language or knowledge to back his claims.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will respond as soon as I can. If you would prefer to leave your topic and your thoughts on the topic, there is a forum that you can use as well. What are your thoughts on today’s post? Do you feel that the trader has a leg to stand on and back his “halveses” point? Do you feel that Trump will over-step his jurisdiction? Let’s talk about these things.


6 thoughts on “Bitcoin ‘Halveses’ | What The Hell?”

  1. Stella says:

    It is not a surprising to see Trump meddling with the iran’s economy affairs  I already knew it will reach that and might even go beyond it. He first quarried them for having a more advanced technology more than US do. So he’s looking for many possible ways to make it an history. Am afraid, a third war might arise because of this mindset. And I don’t pray it happens because the outcome might not be palatable. His issues with China is also another thing entirely. I hope the American will wise up and look into this matter to put an end to this matter before he left behind an unfinished tasked, when he left his office. I just hope his personal greed won’t affect the entire world. It is just a matter of time  when Bitcoin will be globally recognize as a currency when this zeal is not stopped rather very strong  Thanks for your observation and warning.

    1. Kalaya Mauk says:

      I don’t think that Trump has delved into Iran’s economy…yet, but I wouldn’t put it past him to try. I agree that Trump’s mindset could escalate things to an untempered level due to his point of view. I also agree that it is almost a jealousy of foreign technology as well as paranoia that the technology would be used for the sake of spying.

      Unfortunately, for him, it has sunk to a desperate decline in his paranoia. I really don’t think that the Chinese would use their smartphones to spy on the USA. All he has to do is provide his staff with phones that ARE NOT Chinese made, if he is that paranoid that the Chinese will find out what secrets he hides.

      I recently heard that he only collects one dollar ($1 USD) for his pay. It is unfortunate that more politicians don’t follow suit with this bold act regarding political paychecks.

      I think that Bitcoin will be accepted globally soon.

      You’re welcome. I hope to hear from you on my other articles.


  2. Feochadan says:

    The line in your article about Trump keeping his personal strategies locked in a closet gave me a total belly laugh!  Has this man ever failed to not give his knee jerk opinion on ANYTHING to himself?  We may as well expect me to grow a magical horn and hooves and turn into a unicorn!

    Your commentary about the Chinese school system is bang on and really shows up the faults in ours.  So many of our youth coming out of college with a “Bachelor of Arts” are well suited for a job in…  Well, I’m not actually sure.  Blaming another country for getting rich from your own is basically just saying that they are doing a MUCH better job of it than one’s own.  They obviously have better educated, more competent people producing better products.  Is that THEIR fault?

    The entire concept behind the bitcoin system is that it is not regulated by any banking system or any country.  Any country that thinks it actually has a say in this is completely overstepping its bounds.  Its like a country saying that they should be in control of our domain name system.  Both over-arch borders and MUST NOT be controlled by any one entity but must be multi-stakeholder.  Otherwise the integrity of the whole system is compromised.

    I feel like you have much to say on various topics here and that this article could have been fodder for several blogs but I totally enjoyed the read and look forward to your next!

    1. Kalaya Mauk says:

      Thank you for your comment. I had a giggle or two reading your comment and feel that your spot on with your views. 

      I look forward to hearing more from you on my articles. And by the way, no it is not China’s fault that they produce more geniuses. I totally agree with your view on the attempts of regulating cryptocurrency.

  3. Carmen says:

    I do not think Trump will overtake his jurisdiction; has other problems. Your parallel with US and Chinese education is interesting; I recently read that the baccalaureate was given in China, and for three days everybody stopped working so as not to upset the pupils. I do not know if the news is true but I think education, anywhere in the world, is the most important factor for the growth of the economy. China is a phenomenon.

    best regards


    1. Kalaya Mauk says:

      Thank you for the information.  It may very well be true.  I think that it is an improvement to their educational system, but I still believe that it is a degree that the USA has influenced, as some expats may have demanded it be added.  

      With the number of expats that go overseas to work for their companies there, they may have demanded that it become a country that gives these USA accreditated courses for the expats that are residing.  I am sure that it is not limited to expats though.

      I agree that Trump does have more problems.

      Absolutely true, education is important for economic growth.

      Thank you for commenting.


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