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Bitcoin – Are We In For A Lunatic Takeover Of Government?

This morning I noticed a prediction of Bitcoin nearing $100K by the beginning of 2021.  Wow!  That’s a huge jump that the author is expecting.Elijah O'Donnell  So, I went on my computer and started looking through the news on Bitcoin.  I can say that I am shocked by some of the media that I came across.  Here’s just a few of the headlines:

“New Bill In India Proposes Ten Years In Prison For Owning Cryptocurrencies” – Trijo News June 2019

“Report:  Iceland Plans To Pump Brakes On Bitcoin Mining” – April 21

“Microsoft Enters The Promising Blockchain Identity Solutions Space” – May 27

“Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000 In 10 Years, Says Analyst” – CNBC

Back on February 22, Tanya Abrosimova wrote that Bitcoin was being lethargic at $4,000.

As of today, Bitcoin’s current market rate is $11,676.34 at 10:30 am Pacific Time.  I’d say that Bitcoin was not lethargic at all.  It rose $7,676.34 in five months.  It has tripled that $4,000 and is in a slight lull back at $11,676.34.  

I may not be as hopeful as Tim Draper, with his prediction of Bitcoin’s price being $250K by 2022, though–as brought to the Forex community by Teuta Franjkovic on October 31st, 2018.

But Franjkovic made a very bold statement regarding Bitcoin and Draper at the Los Angeles Crypto Investment Summit, “Draper said that he believes that individuals had the potential to ‘start their own government’, where Social Security could be ensured more efficiently and effectively.” (

Wow!!  That’s an extremely bold statement!!  I cringe at the thought of any Tom, Dick, or Joe Dirt trying to regulate my social security via Bitcoin.  Thanks, but NO THANKS!!

I understand that crypto currency started with plans of replacing all governed currency by politicians.


photo by StuxHere is my explanation of this red flag…

Bitcoin is a currency BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE, then the stock market is it really the best place for it?

I understand that some theologians believed that Social Security was the mark of the beast.  Sorry guys, far fetched imaginations like that drive fear, and fear is a lack of love. 

I hate getting all spiritual on you guys, but hey…I’ve lived through enough bull shwaz in my day to know you gotta trust someone in your life or live in paranoid fear.

But, crypto currency as a money by the people is a foolish one as it stands.  This would render you controlled by a sociopathic stereotype.  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want a sociopathic stereotype governing my currency and then attempting to try and takeover my country with his army of sociopathic stereotyped army. 

I don’t want a sociopathic stereotype telling me how to pray, how to interpret the Holy Bible (if the sociopathic stereotype doesn’t outlaw it first).photo by Gabriel Matula

Don’t get me wrong, crypto currency isn’t “the mark of the beast”, but you can easily see a terroristic beast rear it’s ugly head when you analze the bold statements of Franjkovic’s quotes of Tim Draper…and the fact that the quote wasn’t even in complete context makes my eyes roll in disgust.

We already have a government in place that is ELECTED by the people for the people.  If Draper were to influence an uprising of sociopathic stereotypes attempting to over throw our current government, then we would have a terrorist in our midst.

At first, I didn’t think blogging about crypto currency would bring up such an ugly subject.  But it goes to show you how little people think when they open their mouths without thinking things through totally and thoroughly, plus contemplating how it could shed an unwanted light on their excitement on a single subject.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not misinterpreting what Franjkovic quoted Tim Draper as saying (despite all context before and after the quote were no where to be seen in Franjkovic’s quote).  I am, however, looking at the fact that those words in that quote, in the wrong person’s mind can catapult a sociopathic stereotype’s war on our world as we know by Tracy Thomas

This says to me, that we need to monitor more closely who we allow to be in the media.  If any of the sociopathic stereotypical types construe what was said (out of context) by Franjkovic’s quote of Draper, we may end up in a civil war against sociopathic lunatics.

On a brighter note, I don’t think that Bitcoin will reach his (Draper) predicted high of $250K by 2022.  As it stands, it took Bitcoin nearly six months to increase $7,676.34 and it is still fluctuating below $12,000.

If it were to lull for a bit, we’re still looking at below $250K by 2022.  I hope he hasn’t bet everything on his prediction.  I also hope he’s not under going an investigation on grounds for terrorism, but I’m not putting a penny on whether he is or isn’t.  

I swear the more I look into those surrounding crypto in the media, the more I wonder on what real grounds cryptocurrency  came into being.

Again, a word of warning:  If you find in your research that you cannot morally back a company’s choices that you hold stock shares with, be the one vote that causes the company to contemplate going green or a social responsibility for their place in the community.

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