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Welcome to Our goal is to help you make an informed decision on the latest SEO/SAAS tools.

A Little Bio on Our Administration

I am a Certified Online Entrepreneur.  I set out on this journey in order to learn more about the SEO/SAAS industry.  It is a rapidly growing industry that has caught my attention.

It is my goal to help people locate and purchase SEO/SAAS tools that are current and not outdated.  This industry, because of it’s constant growth is ever changing.  What was here 10 years ago may be the dinosaur that people use and feel stuck with may have significance on their businesses as a whole.

Even larger companies keep up to date on what is being put on the market that will help them find new traffic, extend the customers buying potential, and generate more leads, and know what their competition is doing.


My goal is to help people find products that are current.  In my 50 years of life experience, people cater to the latest fad or trend. I want to help people make INFORMED DECISIONS, and not just decisions based on a whim or because so-and-so says I really should try this.


Our mission is to help you find current products that will help turn your business into a cash generating machine that will continue to grow the potency of your advertisements in a constantly growing industry, no matter what niche you have your business.   

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

1 thought on “About Kalaya”

  1. Kalaya says:

    I wrote a message to my father on Facebook that goes more in depth about my goals here at It read as follows:

    By the way, I was checking my stats on Wealthy Affiliate. I was shocked that I received an offer to become a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador. I think it was an introduction to the Ambassador program because I haven’t even hit the six-month milestone yet. I just started on April 4th, 2019. I also read that I have 86% more content than the other Affiliates at my level.

    I have to laugh at that. The only reason that I have 86% more content than the other Affiliates at my level is simply that I’m passionate about getting content that can actually help the struggling Entrepreneurs out there that are trying to build a business by trial and error.

    I know how burnt out a struggling entrepreneur can get, and if they had the proper tools to actually accomplish what they started out to do it would be helpful. Having the proper tools that take the guesswork out of the mix is so important to those struggling.

    By the way, Dad Virgil, Happy Father’s Day a bit early, but of course every father should celebrate each day and not just one particular day of the year because being a father is a lifetime & not just a single day.

    By the way, I started out with a Wealthy Affiliate University Ranking of 299,999+ and I now have a ranking of 42,829. This means my position in my class. I have so much more to do. I’m only on the Level 3 training course and nearing the beginning of Level 4 training. There are only 5 levels of Training in the beginners’ course and then the Affiliate Boot Camp course. There are constant training & development sessions to choose from and Webinar classes as well.

    HeeHeeHee…I’m just getting started & have a 42,829 ranking.

    I should mention that as I’m doing my research to help the struggling entrepreneur, I am pondering the idea of a crowdfunding resource that will help pay the expenses of purchasing and testing products in order to put together a package deal of the best in the industry. I also want to build a test group that will put the software and research into action & then put the final package on the market as a whole.

    AND, I want to get a crowdfunding program that will assist the struggling entrepreneur in order to make the whole package available with only a small subscription monthly dues.

    I want to help the struggling entrepreneur become a million dollar branded company.

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